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AI solutions for parkings

  • For VSaaS we increase revenue
  • For parking operators we increase utilization of their car spots
  • For drivers we show an exact position of vacant car spot on the map in real time
  • For parking aggregation apps and car manufacturers we provide an API

For VSaaS providers

Increase an income from each customer

Prevent clients from stop using service

Attract new customers

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For Parking Operators

Automatically writes tickets to a driver who didn’t pay for parking

Toll time starts from the time of parking a car

Shows the exact position of vacant parking spots to drivers

Shows parking violations to an inspector in real time

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For parking aggregators

Show an exact position of parking spots to your users

Information about parking spots updates in real time

Show a count of vacant parking spots for each parking

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For community parkings

We eliminate an irritation of looking where to leave a car

If you spend 5 minutes looking for spot per day then this means that we save you 30 hours per year

People come home in a good mood

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For drivers

All parking in one application

The application shows your current position and parking notes on the map

Find parking places closest to you or choose parking lots that interest you

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