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An artificial intelligence that can warn people of approaching tow truck

Traffic cops and tow trucks cause the most irritation among car drivers. We decided to give drivers a chance to find out about the tow truck before it approaches. With this idea, we trained the neural network to recognize tow trucks on images from CCTV cameras.

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Belarusian AI Service Beats Google and Microsoft AI in Car Recognition

In this article, see a test between different object recognition tools

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Integration with HIKVISION

Just a Few Clicks: SpotVision Makes It Possible an Easy Integration with HIKVISION Cameras

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Angelcam and SpotVision are together!

It is the best way to add your Angelcam's camera into SpotVision Dashboard and view own parking on the SpotVision mobile application. Drivers could see an exact position of vacant parking spot on the map in real-time...

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