Instruction for adding Hikvision cameras

Signup to our dashboard

Use your Google account or create new with email and password

Choose "Integrations" and click "GO"

Select Hikvision integration

Click "Allow" to share your location and then click "Next" button

On this screen you may see FTP credentials to enter into settings of your Hikvision camera

Now you should open camera settings using iVMS software or camera web interface.
Go to "Storage->Schedule Settings->Capture->Capture Schedule".
Make sure that time line for each day is filled, this means that camera will send snapshots 24/7

Go to "Storage->Schedule Settings->Capture->Capture Parameters".
Make "Enable Timing Snapshot" checked.
Enter "Interval = 30000" and "milliseconds" in the next dropbox. This means that camera will send pictures ones per 30 seconds to the SpotVision.
Press "Save" button

Enter data from last step in SpotVision dashboard.

For this case it should be something like below (for your case values will be different!!!)
"Server Type = IP address"
"FTP Server ="
"User Name = SV-3950bbb"
"Password = e5poNxL9OA"
"Directory = Save in the Root Dir"
"Upload Picture" = checked
Press "Save" button

Press "NEXT" button

Setup your camera location by dragging red pin.
Or you may manually enter Latitude and Longitude to inputs

Press "CREATE" button to create new parking

Enter parking address. It will be displayed in SpotVision mobile application to make it easy to find.
Press "CREATE" button

Press "SAVE" button

All done. Parking will appear in mobile app after you'll get an email notification