Smart Parking

We are happy to introduce our partnership with Angelcam

Most cameras on the market can be connected easily, securely and reliably via AngelBox

SpotVision is a mobile application where drivers could see an exact position of vacant parking spot on the map in real-time

Make your clients stop worrying about parking availability

We work with your exist cameras so no investment needed

Make your place more comfortable for visiting

to get 30-days trial

All parkings on the map

Precise position of vacant spots in real-time

Save 5 minutes each time you park a car

How it works

Add camera

Add Angelcam camera into SpotVision Dashboard

Map coordinates

Specify where the parking is located on the map

App view

The parking is displayed in SpotVision mobile application

Any camera connected to Angelcam can be connected to SpotVision with few clicks under a minute



€2.65/mo for one spot

300-more spots


€2.85/mo for one spot

100-299 spots


€2.95/mo for one spot

10-99 spots