Integration with HIKVISION

Just a Few Clicks: SpotVision Makes It Possible an Easy Integration with HIKVISION Cameras

Good news for the holders of the HIKVISION cameras! We have just reached an agreement with the company and finished all the technical arrangements. It means that from now you can connect your HIKVISION camera to SpotVision with just a few clicks.

HIKVISION is the biggest supplier of video surveillance equipment in the world. The company had a $7.3bln revenue in 2019 and currently has more than 26k of employees. 

One guy has already made it! He lives at Mazuraŭ St 15, Homieĺ, Belarus. The parking slot here is not so big, and just one camera is covering all its spots. Once the camera was integrated, the owner states our service works fine and turned out to be rather useful for him.

Each holder of the HIKVISION camera who wants to try SpotVision fast and effortlessly should follow the instructions we’ve prepared. Also, there is a landing page with the main advantages. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask whatever you want, we’re always open to any discussions!