January 23, 2020

Lobanka 4

Community parking in Minsk with 105 spots

SpotVision helps you park fast after a long day at work

As we've covered in a previous use case, parking after a long day in the office might suck out the remaining shreds of energy your soul clings to. Even though this winter we have mellow temperatures around Belarus, there's still snow, hail, and well… other parking hunters. Time to say “park off” to parking the old way!

At SpotVision, we've been promoting our AI-enabled system to identify the free parking spaces across Belarus, and we've started to receive the thank-yous from ordinary Belarussian folks who see how powerful AI can actually be. IRL, not on TV.

Andrey is of them, he has just sent us a couple of mug shots of his happy mug.

This is a clear unbeatable proof that he’s happy with our system. Now Andrey has time to make photos, at 4 Lobanka str. in Minsk :)

And here’s a shot of his yard. Initially, he had set just one camera on the roof of his house. Then Andrey made sure that the system works well, and added four else devices on the edge of the house to cover all the yard. Now these cameras along with the SpotVision app control no less than 105 parking spots.

It's not that big though. But it's still a boon for any person toiling away long days in the office to catch a break and find a parking space right off the bat when you are driving up to your block.

And if the time isn't that important to you, just think about your nervous system. It's so painful to maneuver around these narrow corners, always careful not to "kiss" another car, always careful about the people around you.

As we've written in an in-depth review of SpotVision, we've used neural networks to identify all kinds of parking spaces and not just those areas have clear markings on the asphalt. In particular, you can see that the AI recognition system has correctly identified the situation within the stretch in front of the entry to the building. All the monitorable areas are marked with red scopes in the picture above.

All in all, SpotVision rocks. If you live in a bigger ant-hill, just read that previous use case about a big residential complex in Dolgoprudny.

All you need to do is rev up your app when you are driving up to the place. The all-seeing AI system will use the camera you’ve installed to detect free parking slots. Welcome to the future!