January 7, 2020

Residential Complex

Dolgoprudny Moscow Region - Parking for a Residential Complex

We have provided our service to Dolgoprudny Residential Complex since September 2019.

Dolgoprudny is located near Moscow and has a lot of sleeping quarters. There are living buildings without enough place for parking. And it’s logistic is not convenient because a lot of yards have common entries. Could you imagine, how is it possible to pass 1722 cars through 13 exits every morning and evening?!.

Every morning drivers of this complex suffer from traffic-jam in their yards. And the lack of parking spots in the evening drives them mad. They really need to search vacant spot every evening and it’s boring and exhausting after working day.

This period of providing our service - from 09/2019 to nowadays - shows us the relevant statistics.

According to our analytics, in the evening, out of 1722 parking spaces, an average of 170 vacant spaces remain. This is less than 10%. That is, the driver has a chance of 1 out of 10 to find an empty spot near the house or in a neighboring yard.

Add to this problem additional conditions. Narrow roads. Inconvenient dead ends. Parking Violators. Directions for garbage trucks. Snowy winters and snowdrifts. All this limits the maneuverability of cars when turning, increases the parking time. Add the fact that several drivers are looking for a parking space at the same time.

Our task is to increase the chances of the driver to find a vacant spot and park the car as close to his home as possible. Thus, we reduce the time to search for a place and provide relevant data in real time. Parking information is updated every 30 seconds.

Driver just needs to download the SpotVision Mobile App (Android or iOS) and remember about it when entering the Residential Complex