January 29, 2020


Solution for internet provider UnetBY

A Valuable Gift

The triumphant progress of SpotVision continues in Minsk. It is a story about how the local internet service provider has decided to add an extra free service for its customers.

Unet is a local company providing home internet access via ethernet technology. The company is playing on a heavily competitive market and continually looking for ways to increase the loyalty of its customers.

What if the SpotVision service could be such a way? The idea of connecting the near-house parking to the system looks beneficial for both parties. For Unet, the service is affordable in terms of spendings due to the parking lot here is small. And, of course, it is a possibility to provide customers a unique and highly demanded service. For us, it is an easy way to expand the presence of the service in the hometown.

The house that became our new project is situated at Kosmonavtov str. 4. It is not so big but designed rather traditionally for Belarus. It means that there are much fewer parking spots near it than the number of cars its citizens have. And this little discrepancy makes the gift from Unet rather valuable for its customers.

The parking lot has 70 slots. There are enough just two cameras to cover all the lot. It means that the company pays only for one camera, as the one camera per spot can be connected to SpotVision for free. So, if your parking lot is tiny and can be covered by a single camera, you have a brilliant possibility to connect it absolutely for free!