SpotVision makes your parking lot convenient for patients

Make patience know the situation in advance

With SpotVision mobile app patients will be able to see parking occupancy before going there. This prevents the hospital from long queues and nerving surrounding

For patients

They use SpotVision app to find an exact position of a vacant parking spot on the map in real-time

Don't loose appointment

Patients will plan their time more accurately knowing how long it may take to park a car. In this way, the appointment time will not be lost and will provide a better experience for both patients and administration

Show policy violations

When the space of the parking lot is limited then it's necessary to know that some car is parked for a whole day or even more. Our dashboard gives you information about how long some parking spot is occupied

Prevent rules braking

When parking visitor knows in advance where the vacant parking spot is exactly or that parking is full it prevents the situation of braking parking rules intentionally. This happens when someone is stressed and spent 10 minutes circling

Make smart decisions

Our dashboard provides real-time and historical data for parking occupancy. This gives a good source of decision making for administration because parking load reflects overall pressure on hospital

Make patients know

  • Put SpotVision sticker on a glass door

  • Attach mobile app link to appointment or invitation email

How it works

We use existent or install new surveillance cameras and make them work with our Computer Vision software

Additional features

Create a special branded application with the logo and color of your hospital