Use our API

You can add information about the exact position of parking spots to your mobile application.

We offer to use our API for this purpose

Find a convenient parking space for you

Green color indicates free space, red color indicates which space is occupied.


All parking spaces are equipped with video cameras and data on available places is automatically updated on the map.

Selecting the type of card

Choose the type of map that is more convenient for you (map, satellite, relief)

Number of places

Next to the parking lot name is information about the total number of parking spaces and how many of them are free.

How it works

  • Our application receives images from connected cameras, and transfers them to the Machine learning service

  • Machine learning service recognizes cars on images and gets coordinates of their borders

  • The received coordinates are converted to GPS coordinates

  • The GPS coordinates of the found vehicles are checked against the coordinates of the marked parking spaces in the parking lots

  • If the coordinates of the found car are within the parking space - it is marked red as occupied

  • Available parking spaces are displayed in green

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