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Increase an income
from each parking spot

We help on-street and off-street parking operators
by providing a real time data about an exact spots occupancy,
car plates and toll time for each visitor


Automatically writes tickets to a driver who didn’tpay for parking

Toll time starts from the time of parking a car

Shows the exact position of vacant parking spots to drivers

Shows parking violations to an inspector in realtime

Drivers don’t pay for parking

Drivers pay for parking with the delay of 15 - 30 minutes trying to save money

Parking lot isn’t used because drivers can’t find it

Necessity to hire inspectors who write tickets

Inspectors have to waste time by checking again and again well paid parking spots


Automate parking fines

The neural network defines a car number and parking timeusing information from security cameras

The system automatically calculates who doesn’t pay

Sends the data about violations to the parking operator toassign penalty


Artificial Intelligence technologiesallows to control parking not fromthe time of payment but from themoment of stopping a car on aparking lot

Exact positions of vacant spots

The system shows the exact position of a vacantspot on the map

Saves the drivers’ time and reduces city traffic

Increases parking spot utilization

Our product

Customized mobile application for drivers

Mobile application for inspectors

Installation of security cameras