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How to Become №1
Cloud Video Surveillance
with Neural Networks

but cannot expect rapid growth in this area:
Video surveillance as a service based on cloud infrastructure is one of the current industry trends

Problems. Ways to solve

  • increase an income from each customer
  • prevent clients from stop using service
  • attract new customers

How to be on the top of trends?

just become SMART
embrace new clients needs

According to 2019 just 19% cloud video surveillance use neural networks
Neural networks are used to identify individuals and license plates which has narrow audience and expensive

Our system allows to increase revenue by 21.3% per user without any investments, attract new users and expand the range of provided services

we offer a new vision of these technologies



to find and display parking spots

often drivers pay for the video surveillance
only to prevent damage and auto theft


How to make them pay more with pleasure?

give them value - more free time, convenient parking and calm nerves

  • in average, drivers spend about 5-7 minutes to find free parking spot
  • twice a day: near the office and near the house where they live
  • in total 60 hours a year!
When driver uses SpotVision mob app - all free parking spots are displayed as green. Occupied places - red.
Integration of Video Surveillance and Neural Networks save driver’s time and improves parking convenience

From Driver Perspective

In case SpotVision user needs an access to data provided by Video Surveillance provider he should buy a subscription in SpotVision app which makes your audience whider
Driver will be able to download SpotVision mobile app and see there parking spots for all public parkings plus will see spots covered by his Video Surveillance provider

From Video Surveillance Provider Perspective

Provider will be able to offer to his users a SpotVision service as an additional feature
SpotVision team will grant an accessto Admin Panel and API where it will be possibleto manage user subscriptions


  • You keep 40% of payments from user
  • Pricing is up to you
  • If your revenue is $100.000.000 then after adding our service it will grow by $21.300.000

Why SpotVision

Other applications

  • capture images from surveillance cameras and display them entirely
  • the application loads for a long time because of the large amount of data
  • displays data with a delay
  • requires high Internet speed
  • spends a solid amount of Interne ttraffic
  • simplifies the system of processing and outputting final data for the user
  • show on the map schematically or satellite view
  • highlighting the free places in green, occupied - in red
  • fast downloading and displaying
  • mobile internet traffic is enough to use